Future of the Yanaul Factory should be bright


What was the first house made of? Stone? Clay? Wood? And of which material modern houses are being built now? Bricks, concrete, again wood, even glass… and which of the better, more comfortable and at last more beautiful? And if you try to unite all these materials into one and build a house? That's it, to make it in the way when all this materials? Wood, cement, glass, go together. You think it is impossible? It turned out that it is not only possible but also more efficient, more comfortable; to put it simple it is cheaper and more useful for health. This is exactly the way that was chosen by building complex of the holding "Integral".
The team of one of the leading building companies of the republic – OJSC "Integral" – is always in search of new technologies which shall help to improve the building quality, reduce the cost of 1 square meter of apartment. A traditional line of building materials was widened with the most modern one - permanent shuttering out of chip-cement slabs "PGSTROM". This system helps to build a house, country house and many-storied houses of any kind of difficulty fast and at a low price, to carry out reconstruction of the building with floor slabs mounting without the crane.
"The equipment is erected and works. The size of chip-cement slabs is 200x50x3.5 sm. The weight of one wet slab is 35 kg, after drying it looses approximately 5 kg, and ready slab is 30 kg", says Valery Chistyakov, the director of LLC "Yanaul factory of permanent shuttering".
At the territory your attention is at the first sight caught by wood round timber – the main raw material for chip-cement slabs. Disbarked wood here is lying, drying, at the same time here is carried out the separation of sugar which may badly influence the product quality. It will be kept in this way for at least three months and in winter for 5 months.
Out of the wood arrived at the crushing area a chip is made, then the chip with the help of scraper conveyor goes into the mixing machine, where at the same time cement, liquid glass, aluminium sulphate, water, foam plastic, as warmth-keeper, go out of other pipes. All this is mixed into homogeneous substance and is delivered into the form. Further a package of slabs is set under the press, then into the steam-curing chamber. After this technological line slabs are transported to the maturing zone. Then they have a 20-day probation period. And further they go according to their destination: depending on what builder will buy them these slabs will "make a line", and we will see a small one-storied or a big 3-storied but always cozy and beautiful, pleasant to the eye house.
According to the director Valery Chistyakov the "Yanaul factory" is only the second such factory with the same technology in Russia:
- The first such factory was erected in Saint-Petersburg. The line there is fully made by an Austrian company VELOX. Our Yanaul factory is the second one that produces permanent shuttering out of chip-cement slabs. This is an accurate replica of Saint-Petersburg factory, but our line is made in Russia. The same factories are being erected in Irkutskiy region, in Sizran. The developing of new modern technology in the building industry gives us the possibility to enlarge our contribution into the prior program "Available and Comfortable housing".
The press is one of the main equipment in the technological line of chip-cement slabs manufacturing. The ventilation system in steam-curing chambers is also fully automated. The equipment that delivers hot air flow into the camera with the fixed temperature is mounted by the workers of LLC "Integral-Service".
- When the factory works at full power, it will give 800 slabs per day, 400 per shift. For 1 square meter of conventional area go 6 slabs, in this case every day the factory will produce conventionally 1 cottage, - says Valery Chistyakov, the director of factory.
People are interested into cheap square meters. Our company has exactly the same aim: to make the building cheaper, so that the houses would be available for all people. Now 1 square meter of apartment costs 29 thousand rubles, Yanaul factory supposes 1 square meter to cost about 15-17 thousand of rubles.
- Are there any projects?
- By all means. It's because according to the building technology everything is packaged here. The house includes slabs with warmth-keeper, without warmth-keeper, erecting buckle s, casings, which for floor slabs, and many other. All materials are packaged for every project. Project organizations have already prepared some projects. Of course a client may come with his or her own project. Then the materials will be packaged according to this project.
- The foundation is also provided.
- The point is that such kind of a house will not give big loading for the foundation. That's why it won't be necessary to ram piles into the soil; you will only have to put strip foundations. All in all the entire house will be ready in 2 months.
…A person every day tries to live better. And better above all means more comfortable. The holding "Integral" participating in the realization of the prior program "Available and Comfortable housing" not only widens the geography of house buildings but also develops new technologies into erection of buildings, offers all people to improve their life conditions by obtaining of low houses and cottages. The usage of permanent shuttering out of chip-cement slabs first of all provides for ecological qualities of the apartments. Sanitary properties of permanent shuttering are confirmed with certificates of the Russian Federation. The slab structure provides good aero-steam interchange, the walls "breathe". High fire protection is also provided. Fire endurance and fire hazard class of permanent shuttering corresponds with the maximal norms. Permanent shuttering may be used for erecting of buildings up to 25 floors. The building quality with the usage of permanent shuttering is also high. The house is durable, has an accurate geometry, good warmth- and sound-isolating properties of outside constructions.
The building of monolithic houses in permanent shuttering also has advantages in comparison with such "classical" building technologies as: lowering of terms and cost, minimal usage of mechanization means, ease of mounting, minimum of waste products, small sizes of building area.
Well, let the Yanaul factory see clear horizons and long-term prospects!
Nazira Gazizova

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