LLC "Concrete products factory"

Concrete products factory was put into operation in 1991. Planned production capacity of the factory was 35 thousand cubical meters per year. With the usage of the factory production there were made dwelling houses and objects of social function in the cities: Ufa, Ishimbai, Sterlotamak, Orenburg, Ioshkar-Ola, Buraevo, Balta4evo, Yanaul, Tatishli, Blagoveshensk, Neftekamsk and in Kirovskiy region.
In August 2002 the factory become a member of OJSC "Integral" and got the name achieved the limited liability company "Concrete products factory". Within a year considerable changes were made concerning redesign and range extension of produced items. Full redesign was made in technological line №2 so to produce hollow-core prestressed floor slabs with simultaneous development of production engineering of items with length up to 7.2 meters. At the present moment the factory produces more than 300 types of concrete products, including new ones: prestressed pavement plates PDN-14, stair platforms of 4 types of size, trays for heating mains of 3 types of size, parapet blocks for dam erection in flooded areas, concrete weighting material of header pipes of UBO, UTK, UBKm type, tower bodies LS23, LSN12, LSV12, crane-runway girder of column cranes, 3 types of concrete grating for floors in cattle-breeding bodies. It is well-practiced to make individual items of different configuration according to orders of building organizations and private individuals.
The factory consists of the main manufacturing building, concrete-mixing work-shop with the cement storehouse of 1.100 tons capacity and the store house of filling aggregates of 3,000 cubic meters capacity, finished-products storage area of 4,600 square meters size, compressor house, and administrative building.
The main manufacturing building is a two-aisle building of "Г"–shape, total area – 10.600 square meters, aisle width is 18 meters. Molding shop occupies an area of 5,000 square meters; reinforcing shop has an area of 3,800 square meters; and the rest 1,800 square meters are used for maintenance shop, power section and central goods shed.
Every aisle of molding shop has 2 technological lines. Item production at all 4 lines is made according to conveyer-type technologies.
The main items of the first technological line are: bulkheads, stair units, stair wells, parts of sewerage manholes and blocks of foundation walls. Line productivity is 25 cubic meters.
The second technological line is designed to produce hollow-core floor slabs of length up to 7.2 meters. Line productivity is 45 cubic meters.
At the third technological line the hollow-core floor slabs of length up to 6.3 meters are produced. Line productivity is 30 cubic meters. 
The fourth technological line is designed to produce pavement plates and plates with normal reinforcing, plates of strip foundations, concrete weighting material of header pipes, rail track girders of column, portal and gantry cranes with load of 29 tons form wheel to rail. Line productivity is 30 cubic meters. Daily productivity of molding shop is 130 cubic meters.
The output of new elements of fences, small forms for improvement of city residential areas is now at the stage of developing. In August 2003 the section of cement packaging into paper bags was put into operation, its productivity is 10 ton per hour.
In the year 2005 the work was made to transfer the process of heat and humidity procession into heating in the combustion products of natural gas; and to heating of inert material at the filling store house with the combustion products of natural gas that helped to stop the usage of a boiler-room for steam supply and to gain a substantial economical effect.
The vibration exciter of VPG type with bulk-mode waves was put into operation at the first line. The top of the vibration exciter is 700 mm lower than floor level, which helped to manage the production of item with the height of 1.5 meters.
The corresponding services of the factory are regularly busy with the increase of labor productivity, improvement of quality and cost saving of produced items. In the year 2004 the factory got certificates for floor slabs of PK72-15, PK72-12, PK 66.12, and in the year 2006 got certificate of conformity for flight of stairs and landings, at the present moment activities are made to get certificates for other production types. A new system of quality management ISO 9001-2001 is introduced that shall assist in competitive recovery of items at the market.
The training in the main working areas has been organized to improve the production quality. As a result, an increase of workers wage rate categories is practiced.
The factory works purposefully to widen the market of its product realization.
The factory has a building area for erection of dwelling and public buildings: from zero circles up to turnkey stage with using the self-made items.
In year 2006 176,000,000 rubles was planned to receive, but in reality the income was 217,974,000 rubles (123%), including:
- Concrete products realization: 36,484 cubic meters was planned, 40,895 cubic meters was loaded (112%), including loading for subdivisions of OJSC "Integral", which constituted 21,063 cubic meters (51.5%)
- Concrete and solution: 15,000 cubic meters was planned, 22,130 cubic meters was loaded (112%), including loading for subdivisions of OJSC "Integral", which constituted 7,652 cubic meters (36.2%)
- Civil and erection works: 28,289,000 rubles - planned, 40,708,000 rubles - received (143.9%), including the building of a ten-storeyed dwelling house in city district №3 in the city of Neftekamsk – 32,676,000 rubles (80.2%)
The Concrete products factory of the city Neftekamsk was the first that followed the international quality system ISO – 9001.
452680, Neftekamsk, the Republic of Bashkortostan, 2 Avtozavodskaya Street
Tel/fax: +7-34783-5-60-26

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