LLC "Integral-RemService"

LLC "Integral-RemService" was established in September 27, 2005 to provide the maintenance of all objects which are on balance of OJSC "Integral" in Neftekamsk The enterprise render services on the management and exploitation of housing and nondomestic stock, organization of maintenance, current capital repair of housing and nondomestic stock and infrastructure connected with them, sanitaryware systems and equipment, fulfillment of repair and construction works (including finishing, joiner's, plastering, carpentry, painting and glazing works). The enterprise is carrying out land improvement, design, landscape works.
LLC "Integral-RemService" provides services for the following industrial objects:
9 A Lenin Street, Neftekamsk
8 Dorozhnaya Street, Neftekamsk
10 Dorozhnaya Street, Neftekamsk
19 Parkovaya Street, Neftekamsk
48/17 Komsomolskaya Street, Neftekamsk
Petrol Station №4, 2b Pervikh Stroiteley Street, Agidel
Petrol Station №2, village Kuvakino
Petrol Station №1, village Tashkinovo
Petrol Station №3, village Verkhnee-Yarkeevo
Petrol Station №5, 8 Yanaulskaya Street, Neftekamsk
Petrol Station №11, 6 Dorozhnaya Street, Neftekamsk
Objects of housing stock:
57 Dorozhnaya Street, Neftekamsk
11 V Pobedi Street, Neftekamsk
19 Parkovaya Street, Neftekamsk
6 V K.Marksa Street, Neftekamsk
8 V K.Marksa Street, Neftekamsk
8 G K.Marksa Street, Neftekamsk
452686, Neftekamsk, the Republic of Bashkortostan, 57 Dorozhnaya Street
Tel: +7-34783-6 05 61

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