LLC "Integralinveststroi"

LLC "Integralinveststroi" is an enterprise that was established 5 years ago. Today it occupies a well-deserved place among building organizations in the city of Ufa. This is a stable developing enterprise that gained recognition and prestige by its partners. Mainly "Integralinveststroi" fulfills the functions of a general contractor but it also performs some special types of work. During the recent 5 years quite a number of dwelling houses in the centre of Ufa were put into operation, dwelling houses are being built in the city of Oktyabrskiy and in the city of Salavat. The first dwelling house built by LLC "Integralinveststroi" is the house number 41, Mustaya Karima Street. This house is a masterpiece that truly decorates this old street of Ufa. At the same time there was building the Ufa office of a holding company OJSC "Integral" in the street Aksakova, number 59. Together with the Investment Building Committee of the city of Ufa LLC "Integralinveststroi" participates in the development of a microdistrict "Yuzhniy" in the Sophia Perovskaya Street: two dwelling houses were built and put into operation, the third one, dwelling house №18, is almost finished. Here also a socially important object is carried out – a hospital of a 4.894 square meter area. A big complex in the residential area "K" – an area of more than 16 thousand square meters – was built. One dwelling house in the Parkovaya Street was put into operation. Now the whole team does its best to build houses in the streets Mustaya Karima, Parkovaya, Komsomolskaya.
Five years passed since the time when the first buildings made by LLC "Integralinveststroi" were put into operation, and there were no serious reprimands to their quality. In the rare cases when some imperfections arose all services of an enterprise promptly react and at once eliminate them. Since 2005 all houses built by LLC "Integralinveststroi" are being served by LLC "Integral-Jilfond-Service", which is also a part of a holding company OJSC "Integral". Starting with building design, construction, including the work of all subcontracted organizations, and finishing with building exploitation is a closed cycle that covers all periods of a building life. This system of succession and interaction excludes imperfections and provides for shortest possible time to eliminate all reprimands made by new settlers.
Today LLC "Integralinveststroi" is holding the republican level with confidence. Many customers appreciated good quality and efficiency of the enterprise work. At first the enterprise coped with the values of 50 million rubles, but already in the year 2006 there were covered 500 million rubles. It is planned to cope with 610 million rubles in the year 2007. It is expected to put into operation 27 thousand square meters of apartments.
Today LLC "Integralinveststroi" started to participate in making industrial objects. One of them is the reconstruction of the factory LLC Industrial Association "Rosneftemash" in the city of Oktyabrskiy. A workshop, where previously tractors for oil industry were under repair, stood idle without orders. The head of the holding company OJSC "Integral" decided to start in the ex-workshop the production of pumps for oil industry. In short terms LLC "Integralinveststroi" fulfilled big amount of building and erection works.
The construction of a workshop for production of mineral wool hoards for the factory OJSC "Thermosteps" is carried out in the city of Salavat. Here also a six-storied dwelling house is being built. Subdivisions of LLC "Integralinveststroi" build a multilevel parking near Ufa Cotton Industrial Complex (HBK), erect Trading Business Complex in the Pervomaiskaya Street of our city.
It would be impossible to fulfill without strong production plants of the enterprise. The governing body of the holding company OJSC "Integral" carries out purposeful work to provide constructed objects with the self-made materials and furniture. LLC "Integralinveststroi" rents from OJSC "Integral" 5 tower cranes, truck cranes, trucks and has facilities for small-scale mechanization, stations for solve and mix, plastering stations, compressors and a full range of electric tools for all types of work at its disposal. The production plant of OJSC "Integral" in the city district "Nizhegorodka" has a dead-end track, solving mixing station, stall of a garage to provide for repair works of LLC "Integralinveststroi". There is also here a workshop for production of polyvinylchloride windows. Now a question is put to build a brick factory, a line for making heat-insulated facade coverings.
Concrete products for LLC "Integralinveststroi" are delivered by Neftekamsk Concrete Products Factory, which is the part of the holding OJSC "Integral". LLC "Neftekamsk Concrete Products Factory" produces the whole range of concrete constructions – from serial to individual.
One of the main characteristics of the factory is that LLC "Integralinveststroi" works from project design until putting it into operation. The enterprise among common building areas has areas for wiring and sanitaryware works, areas for improvement, for finishing work, for façade works, for manufacturing and mounting of sash pulleys RVC and aluminium structures.
Owing to experienced well-tried team: workers, masters, foremen and competent governing body, the orders are made in short terms without lack of quality. Today more than 400 people work for the enterprise. The backbone of specialists works here from the very beginning. Almost all leaders of subdivisions have great experience of working in big building organizations. Their wide experience and professionalism help the enterprise to fulfill goals of all kinds of difficulty with high quality and maximal responsibility.
Also the most of the workers are high-qualified specialists who know several building professions. "Integralinveststroi" uses the labor of workers from "near abroad", mainly from the republics of Armenia and Uzbekistan. They are registered officially and have good conditions of life. All workers of the enterprise are provided with working clothes. The enterprise tries to lower the labor work and constantly introduces means of small-scale mechanization. There is a powerful mud room from where the building areas always receive enough mud. This excludes standstills.
The prospects for builders are immense.
Objects of LLC "Integralinveststroi"  ( ZIP )
450076, Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan,
59 Aksakov Street
+7-347-292 57 90

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