Manufaturing of chip-cement slabs

The grand opening of the factory, which took place on September 10, 2008, visited many guests from the whole republic. In his speech of welcome Ravil Ibatullin the Minister of Housing, Architecture and transport of the Republic of Bashkortostan declared: "Production of this enterprise will give us the possibility to increase the volumes of qualified and cheap houses building. It shall become a bid impact of the OJSC "Integral" into the realization of the national program "Available and Comfortable Housing".
For capacity developing of the building activities of the holding and also because of the present situation at the estate market in the Republic of Bashkortostan the leaders of the OJSC "Integral" in 2007 decided to build in Yanaul the Factory of permanent shuttering for producing of chip-cement slabs.
Building technologies of building of monolithic houses in permanent shuttering let the erection of low dwelling houses and cottages.
Planned production capacity of the factory is 400 thousand m² of chip-cement slabs which helps to produce the permanent shuttering for building of low dwelling houses and cottages of 95 thousand square meters per year.
The house case of 100 square meters area may be produced for a month. Approximate expenses for the building will be about 100$ per square meter. At the same time the house may be built without assistance. Permanent shuttering PGSTROM is collected on the same principle as a kit for children.
The houses made of permanent shuttering PGSTROM are warm, durable, and ecologically clean. The life time is more than 100 years. These houses combine wood comfort and stone durability. They are stone houses in a wooden T-shirt.
Permanent shuttering is made from ecologically clean slabs, 90% of which is chip and cement. Full mineralization of wood-based slabs provides durability and reliability of the permanent shuttering PGSTROM. It is nonflammable, rot-resistant, and ageing-resistant and keeps accurate geometry. The permanent shuttering PGSTROM has all the best qualities of the wood at warmth and sound isolation. The slab structure provides good aero-steam interchange, the walls "breathe". In the stone house PGSTROM you feel like in a wooden one.
The building of monolithic houses in permanent shuttering PGSTROM also has advantages in comparison with such "classical" building technologies as:
  • lowering of terms and cost,
  • minimal usage of mechanization means,
  • ease of mounting,
  • minimum of waste products,
  • small sizes of building area.

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