Manufacturing of special equipmentfor oil industry

Today LLC PA "Rosneftemash" helps to produce and deliver special equipment designed for mounting, mounting-demounting of boring and oil field equipment, execution of cargo-handling works:
1)      lifting crane KTP-5 with mouldboard on the tractor T10M basis and for fulfillment of planning and excavating activities, Q=5 t/s
2)      lifting crane KTP-6,3 on the tractor T10M basis, Q=6,3 t/s
3)      special tractor lift PST-25 on the tractor T10M basis, Q=25 t/s
4)      special tractor lift PST-25-10-T (with enlarged hoisting height up to 10 meters and reduced lift width in transport position), Q=25 t/s
5)      special tractor lift PST-32 on the tractor T10M basis, Q=32 t/s
6)      hoist KTP-6,3.03 for cranes KTP-5, KTP-6,3.
Pipe piston-like set (PPS) for checking of liquid (oil) meter:
"Pruver S-100-…-0.05",
"Pruver S-280-…-0.05",
"Pruver S-500-…-0.05";
Self-propelled set SURS-60 for, APR drive or hydro rotor during well repair, carrying capacity is 60 t/s;
Mobile cable takeups KNM-1950, KNM-2250 on the basis tractor trailer chassis that were made to rewind cables during round-trips with SECP at oil wells;
Stubbing machines -1, -2 and -3 on the tractor T10M basis (width from 2.5 to 4 meters) that were made to remove stumps, low forest and stoned during cutting removal for lines of electricity transmission and pipe lines;
Mobile buildings -1-04-4 of different purposes according to technical order of the client on the basis on tractor trailer or stationary;
Topping capacity EDK-C with circular system of washing fluid cleaning (cleaning level – 10-20 mlg/l), capacity – 12 m3 , on the basis of tractor trailer made for topping and cleaning of washing fluid from mechanical impurities during drilling-out of cement bridge provided for filtration rating of solid particles;
Topping capacity ED without cleaning system on the basis of tractor trailer, capacity – from 12.5 to 25 m3 with heating system and thermo-isolation;
Block pumping station BNS (105x142);
Special buses AS-01 (AS-02) made to deliver repair and emergency crew (for 13 people, motor is a carburetor (diesel engine));
Special automobiles AS-11 (AS-12) made to people and cargos (cargo-and-passenger for 5 people, motor is a carburetor (diesel engine));
Bulldozers for digging DZ-182.2, DZ-182.3, DZ-42G2.
Digging machine for digging of trenches, route cleaning, refilling of trenches, planned works (tranch width – 1.8 meters);
Vibroprecipitating module VOM-1 made for cleaning of drilling fluid during drilling and general repair of wells.
Densimeter and liquid quantity meter P-SKZ-50-16-4,0-0,15-1,0.
452620, Oktyabrskiy, the Republic of Bashkortostan, 67 Kooperativnaya Street,
Tel/fax: +7-34767-4 19 67, +7-34767-4 18 04

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